Executive Board

Susan Roberts


Dr. Williamson Chea


The Cancer Society is composed of a twelve (12) member Board of Directors comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, Committees for membership, fundraising, visitation, education, pap smear, support group, publicity building, Family Island and general membership which is open to the public.

Branch offices, each with their own Executive Committee, are located in Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera (established in 1985), Freeport, Grand Bahama (established in 1986), Marsh Harbour, Abaco (established in 1990), San Salvador, South Andros, Central Andros, Cat Island, Exuma all having been (established in 2010), North Andros (established in 2011), Long Island (established 2013) and Mangrove Cay, Andros (established 2015), Berry Islands (Established 2015) and Harbour Island (Established 2019).

Cancer Society members function solely on a volunteer basis in the areas of health care and fundraising.

Staff Members

Tammy Sands - Administrator
Omega Miller - Administrative Assistant
Jacqueline Gibson - Receptionist/Thrift Shop Worker
Jacqueline Cash - Transportation Attendant
Danielle Frederick - Housekeeper
Suzette Rolle - Cancer Caring Centre Caregiver
Chriscola Johnson - Cancer Caring Centre Caregiver
Tonya Adderley - Cancer Caring Centre Caregiver
Delores Joseph - Cancer Caring Centre Caregiver
Dominique Justin - Handyman

Past Presidents

Susan K. Roberts 1976-1983
Patsy Lightbourne 1984-1985
Sonia Dames 1986-1990
Pamela Burnside 1990-1994
Judy Ward-Carter 1995-2005
Terrance Fountain 2006-2009
Earle R. Bethell 2009-2013
Lovern Wildgoose 2013-2017