Ben Brown Supports the Cancer Society

Ben Brown Supports the Cancer Society

Ben Brown Supports the Cancer Society of the Bahamas

Ben saw a TV documentary a little over a year ago about cancer and how the treatment can lead to hair loss. Ben’s Father, Drew Brown spoke to him of his own experiences with cancer and how his Mother had died from cancer and the impact of losing her hair.

Ben was so moved that he asked if he could give his hair to be made into a wig. Since then he has done just that in growing his hair. For over a year he had been teased, mistaken for a girl and dealt with school pressure but has stuck to his task. Drew Brown, had been in touch with The Little Princess Trust in the UK and have plans in place for Ben’s hair to be donated.

Ben is a 7 year old Grade 2 student at Tambearly School and the School has supported him in his aim. A suggestion was made that his haircut be sponsored or a request for support be made and the proceeds be donated. A request to the School parents and kids was made for support, two teachers volunteered to join Ben in haircuts and showing solidarity in his cause and a great response was received.

On Monday, January 30th 2016 Ben, Mrs. Chantelle Lacone and Mr. Ian Smith (the teachers) got their hair cut in front of the school.

Ben Brown raised $2,034.82 and has donated proceeds to aid the ongoing work of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas.

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