Brownstone Group Donates

Brownstone Group Donates $10,00 to Cancer Society

Nassau, Bahamas August 14th, 2017 – The Brownstone Group of Companies today donated $10,000 to The Bahamas Cancer Society as a part of The Gerard Paul Alexander Brown Fund (G.P.A.B Fund).

The foundation was established in honor of the late Gerard Paul Alexander Brown, who was diagnosed with a rare form of T-cell lymphoma and passed away on August 14th, 2007. Months after his death, the family met to discuss the way forward and keep Gerard Senior’s name alive. From that very meeting “Brownstone” was born – derived from a collaboration of the family name and their father’s tombstone.

Brownstone Group is a family owned and operated company that was born out of necessity and today is a thriving collection of companies. Today, Brownstone Group is made up of services and products that include: guesthouse accommodations, event venue & decor rentals,  transportation services and an art and accents gallery.

At the foundation of the company has always been the organization that helped the family patriarch during his time of need. It’s for that reason that the Brownstone Group continues to operate the GPAB Fund over the past nine years. Company President Janet Brown says, “Assisting the Cancer Society of The Bahamas allows other people and families in need, the help they deserve and only the Cancer Society can provide. That is why our family will always help because they are there for many families when they need them through their tough times.”

Following today’s donation, The Brownstone Group has vowed to continue their contributions both financially and through volunteer work with the Cancer Society of The Bahamas.

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