Cultural Ambassador Gina Luree

Cultural Ambassador Gina Luree

Bahamian Artist and Cultural Ambassador Gina Luree

Bahamian artist and cultural ambassador Gina Luree, the first ceramic designer to produce Junkanoo-inspired dinnerware, comes out of the kiln this time with exquisitely designed mugs to fund the fight against cancer and the ongoing support of cancer patients and their families.

Gina Luree has teamed up with The Cancer Society of The Bahamas for this artistic venture aimed to garner community response and support. The Mugs will be on sale at the Cancer Society’s Collins Avenue location and part proceeds will benefit the Society’s ongoing efforts. In addition, Companies, businesses and individuals purchasing 10 mugs or more mugs will receive free delivery.

Instrumental in driving Gina Luree’s divinely-inspired design from sketch to reality, is her mentor Jessica Colebrooke of Jessica Tileworks.

Inscribed with the words, “For the cure,” the pink and blue ribbon handled mugs are a high quality, elegant design ideal for the customary daily hot drink, be it a British-inspired cup of tea or the modern, frothy twists emerging on the coffee scene.

“A lot of us use mugs anyway so while we do it, we may as well aid The Cancer Society of The Bahamas in all they are doing to assist cancer patients said Gina Luree. “They are helping a lot of Family Island persons who have been diagnosed with cancer, to come to New Providence for medical assistance. Sometimes we start to give but then we stop, forgetting about the many needs that are still there.”

Gina Luree is using her Cultureware Line to encourage ongoing donations and consistent support for the fight and those affected by cancer.

Two things initially inspired her to design the mugs. First, her recognition that a disproportionate number of Bahamian women were dying soon after being diagnosed with breast cancer and leaving young families behind. Then, her personal ordeal which thankfully turned out differently.

“I realized though, that so many women like myself who discover a lump do not even have the funds to immediately go and check it out or can afford medical attention to determine if it is cancerous or not,” Gina Luree remarked. “That’s why I chose to partner with the Cancer Society. We don’t need to lose another mother, father, grandmother or grandfather whose lives are cut short from this disease. We cannot ignore or simply accept it. We have to fight back and we have to find the cure.”

The general consensus? Finding the cure begins with funding the fight in multitudinous ways.

Put it this way, “If you’re going to sip something anyway, sip with the cure for cancer in mind.”

Here’s a chance to do a few significant things at one time: own a mug from the Cultureware Line which was the official state gift from The Bahamas to the Miss Universe Pageant contest in 2009 and support The Cancer Society of The Bahamas as they relentlessly work to make a vital difference for so many in this nation.

Gina Luree purposefully revives, preserves, educates and promotes the Culture of the Bahamas to the Bahamian, and to the world. Cultureware is a line of uniquely Bahamian-designed ceramics that portray the culture of a people, and the beauty and wonder of The Bahamas.

To order or purchase your mug directly, you may go to the Cancer Society located on East Terrence Centerville 2 doors south of ZNS or retrieve order forms or for more information, contact Gina Luree at 544-0442 or Or their Facebook page.



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