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Support Groups

Nassau Support Group

The Support Group was established in 1986 and meets the 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30pm.

This is an important part of the Society as it provides emotional, psychological and moral support to patients and their families on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting. Advice on all aspects of cancer as well as coping skills are shared and discussed in caring environment.

Freedom Survivors

Freedom Survivors meet every 3rd Thursday at 6:00 pm at the Cancer Society headquarters.
Age Group: 18-39 years

This is a community for the adolescents and young adults who are affected by cancer. Today, many young adults are affected by cancer, whether it is a cancer patient, survivor or caregiver (family member).

This community is quickly growing, forcing many to deal in isolation with issues specific to this age and stage of life: dating with cancer, disclosure to potential employer, long term insurance issues, moving back home, loss of fertility, or having to quit school or a newly launched career.

Freedom Survivors exists so that no young person has to endure such isolation again. We empower young adults affected by cancer through education, the young adult community and their providers about the significance of early detection with his population.

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Freedom Kids

Freedom Kids is a community for kids with cancer and sickle cell. Children range in age from 2-17 years. Each session will have anywhere from two to twelve children participating, and some special projects have over twenty children joining us.

Diversity and access are very important to our support group. Our support group is geared to sick children however, welcomes participation by parents and siblings. The ages, abilities and skills of children represent a diverse range and we accommodate them all.

Meetings: Freedom Kids meetings will be every first Saturday of the month from 10:00am to 12:00pm.

Freedom Kids will have one social each quarter, ending the year with “Freedom Kids Christmas Party”!!!

Us Too

Meet every 3rd Thursday 6:30 pm at the Cancer Society headquarters open to Cancer Survivors, Supporters and Family Members

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