Mr. Wendell Lionel Barry was born April 6th, 1941, to the parentage of Walter Leslie and Blanche Louise Barry nee Sawyer in Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, Bahamas.

He attended St. Benedict’s Primary Catholic School and Harbour Island All-Age School and later became an accomplished tailor in 1951; sewing male and female garments.

Mr. Barry accomplishments include organizing: the Junior Red Cross on Harbour Island followed by the Harbour Island Music Association. He also organized the No. 10 Company Boys Brigade Marching Band and Harbour Island Cricket, Baseball and Softball Clubs.

Mr. Barry apprenticeship includes working at the following: Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Communication and Weather Observation in Meteorology, Out Island Commissioner/Magistrate certified by Sr. Moses Ichabob Hepburn. In 1964 Brother Barry was elected Senior Member of Board of Works, Town Planning Committee and Board of Pilotage.

After resigning from Telecommunications in December, 1969, he migrated to New Providence, and was employed with International Air Bahama in the Commissary Dept. The following year, July, 1970, he was promoted to Passenger Service Supervisor and then Airport Manager.

Being an activist and love sharing his opinions, Mr. Barry became involved with many committees, such as: Chairman/Secretary; Airline Operators Committee (ICAO Regulated), Secretary; World Airlines Club Bahamas, Secretary; Airport Safety and Security Committee (ICAO Regulated), Member of the Airline Association of Bahamas. On February 1st, 1980 he became the first General Manager of Nassau Flight Services Ltd. Member of the Bahamas Girl Guides Council.

Brother Barry is affiliated with Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, St. Stephen’s Lodge No. 1721, Harbour Island Freemasonry, St. James Masonic Lodge No. 3, Prince Hall Affiliation. Rt. Worshipful Grand Secretary, Editor/Facilitator of Bahamas Prince Hall Family News.

In 1999, he joined the Cancer Society of The Bahamas as a Member and in 2005 became a Director of the Board. The Founding Secretary of the Us TOO Bahamas Chapter, Prostate Cancer Education and Support.

2013 was a year of achievements for Mr. Barry, he received several awards such as: Honoree of St. George’s Anglican Church Guild to Help the Sick and Needy and the recipient of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas Lifetime Achievement Award, followed by the recipient of the Centennial Life Member Award, Bahamas Girl Guides Association on October 18th 2014.

Mr. Wendell Barry has 63 god children.