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FIMS Campaign

Family Island Mammogram Screening

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In February 1990 The Society, spearheaded by President Pamela Burnside and Mrs. Susan Roberts in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and Nurse Stephanie Roberts, launched a National Pap Smear and Breast Screening Campaign throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. This two-prong programme, started off as a five-year initiative which targeted both Family Island and New Providence residents, to raise awareness of cancer, as a method of prevention, early detection and to compile statistics on cancer.

Eleuthera Branch of the Cancer Society, the first to be formed, was eager to introduce this ‘free clinic’ of screening program on that island, providing cervical and breast examination for women and later prostate screening for men.

In 2009, Ride & Run for Hope Bahamas partnered with the Cancer Society to help further fund breast screening for women from the Family Islands, hence the beginning of the ‘FIMS’ Campaign (Family Island Mammogram Screening).

This extensive screening program targets uninsured women aged 30 years and older (or younger if there is an indication of a family history of cancer), who has never had a mammogram.

They are flown into Nassau for the day; transported to Doctors Hospital where a mammogram or ultrasound is performed, given lunch and a tour of the Cancer Society of The Bahamas facility and then transported back to the airport later that afternoon for their return flight to their island.

US TOO-Bahamas Men Chapter, an affiliate of The Cancer Society, was established in April 2001 by Dr. Robin Roberts a former Director of the Cancer Society, to continue the mission to educate and raise awareness of early detection in men between the ages of 40-70years.

Prostate screening is held at various public clinics around New Providence in September, which is recognized as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.


On an annual basis, more than 22 ‘free’ monthly clinics remains consistent throughout the islands of The Bahamas where CSOB Branches are active.

As of 2018, a compiled statistics show that, with a team of doctors, nurses and administrative assistants, that travel to the various island clinics, over ten thousand women had Pap smear and breast examinations and over seven thousand men for prostate testing.

With expenses exceeding more than one hundred and fifty thousand dollars spent on airfare, accommodations, transportation, meals and test/lab results, donations from the wider community ensures that these programs continue to be available to the Bahamian people.

Family Island clinics location:
  • Abaco
  • Bimini
  • Black Point
  • Fresh Creek
  • George Town
  • Governor’s Harbour
  • Grand Bahama
  • Hatchet Bay
  • Lower Bogue
  • Mangrove Cay
  • Nicholls Town
  • Orange Creek
  • Rock Sound
  • San Salvador
  • Smith’s Bay
  • Spanish Wells