About Us

A non-profit organization established to serve the public through educational programs aimed at bringing awareness to early detection, prevention and treatment of cancer while providing temporary accommodations as well as social and emotional needs in a peaceful, secure and supportive environment.

Our History

The Cancer Society of The Bahamas is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1976 by Mrs. Susan K. Roberts, wife of the late Noel Sawyer Roberts, on the medical advice of Dr. John Lunn, Medical Oncologist.   This newly formed organization consists of Mr. Walter Wells Treasurer, Mrs. Susan Roberts Chairperson, Yolanda Roberts, Francise Christie and Patsy Lightbourne Fundraising Chairpersons and Susie Andrews, Secretary.  On November 30th, 1979 Parliament approved the business license for the Cancer Society of The Bahamas as a Non-Profit Organization (see The Companies Act: Chapter 184 Section 59). 

In 1980 with the support and donations of businesses corporations, organizations, churches, civic groups and the private sectors, influence and inspiration of the work of the Fundraising Committee, the Cancer Society was able to donate a fibre-optic bronchoscope to the Princess Margaret Hospital.  In that same year, Ms. Judy Ann Ward, 23 years old at that time was a given a scholarship in the field of Cytotechnology at the University of Miami’s School of Medicine.

May 1990, it was established by Proclamation from the Prime Minister, Sir Lynden Pindling, of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, that the month of May be observed as “Cancer Awareness Month”.  The awareness involved extensive cancer educational activities, healthy lifestyle, promotions and media saturation. Breast Screening and PAP Smear Programs, as well as PSA Testing for men.  To date, the general public is advised to support the continued cause of early detection and prevention.

In September 13, 1991, after a 12 year request, the Cancer Society and its President at that time, Mrs. Pamela Burnside, was instrumental in establishing a unit for cancer patients at the Princess Margaret Hospital, known as the Oncology Clinic.  This unit was founded in memory of the late Dr. Ivor Fix of Mount Sinai Hospital in Florida, who worked with cancer patients at PMH.  The purpose of the unit, which is still in operation today, is to treat those persons afflicted with cancer.  To help facilitate this new Oncology unit, the Cancer Society donated a radiographic mammogram machine; protective hood for the safe mixing of cancer drugs as well as venous access devises to facilitate safer, more effective chemotherapy treatments.  Scholarships were awarded to Bahamians to study Oncology Nursing and conduct researches abroad.  

 August 2004, the Cancer Caring Centre, an extension of the Cancer Society, was completed; this dream became reality through the overwhelming assistance of so many persons in the community.  The Cancer Caring Centre (CCC) is the first facility of its kind in The Bahamas providing temporary accommodations free of charge to Bahamians/Residents from the Family Islands undergoing active cancer treatments in Nassau.  The Cancer Society recognized the importance of this facility to not only meet the housing requirements of cancer patients but also to provide social and emotional needs in a peaceful, secure and supportive environment.

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  7. Establishment of Freedom Survivors the Youth Arm Support Group of the Cancer Society (read more)
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Mission Statement

The Cancer Society of the Bahamas is a non-profit, voluntary organization, committed to the awareness, education, prevention, research, advocacy, care and cure of cancer and is purposed to serve cancer patients, survivors and their families and persons at risk across The Bahamas.

Cancer Caring Centre

The Cancer Caring Centre through the years has provided comfort to many who have been afflicted as well as educating about the importance of early detection.

 We work hard to exemplify our motto – “Caring and Sharing”. 

Our Managers, Staff and Volunteers are always available to assist with your needs as we strive to make your temporary ‘home away from home’ a warm, welcoming and supportive one.

 We aim to take care of the ‘whole’ person. Together we will make a difference

In 1997 the Cancer Society put plans into action to have Cancer Caring Centre after seeing the need to house patients from the Family Island.  Persons from the various islands were coming into Nassau for treatment, but did not have a comfortable or affordable place to stay   The Committee spread the word and in 1999 donations huge donations flowed in to make this dream a reality.

A ground breaking ceremony was held February 18th, 2003; this marked the beginning of the first phase of construction. 

September 21st, 2004, there was a dedication and blessing ceremony for the Cancer Caring Centre and in October 2004, the 10 room suite and a community kitchen was officially opened.  The rooms, with its own private bathroom, are equipped with two twin side beds, night stands, cable TV, air-conditioning unit, ceiling fan and a sit down table with chairs.

Plans are in the making for a second phase of the Cancer Caring Centre; help us make this another reality by making a donation.