Do you have a story to tell?  Everybody’s perspectives are different!  A panel of Cancer Survivors will tell their story of how they overcame this disease called CANCER.


May is observed as Cancer Awareness Month.   During this month, we encourage persons to bump up their healthy lifestyles with more exercise, proper diet and limiting smoking and alcohol intake.

Join Dr. Christine Chin, Specialist in Obesity and Internal Medicine.

If you missed the meeting, you can view it below:

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Dr Williamson Chea, National President, The Cancer Society of the Bahamas, along with Mrs. Susan Roberts, Founding President (1976); Dr Christine Chin, Coordinator, Cancer Society’s HALT Healthy Lifestyles Programme and Board Member Mr. Wendell Barry, travelled to Dunmore Town, Harbour Island, 27th July, 2019; and, in a public meeting, held at St. John’s Anglican Church Parish Hall, Certified the Harbour Island Branch and Installed the Officers.

Also in attendance: The First Family Island Branch (1985) The Eleuthera Branch President Sherrin Cooper, Treasurer Sue Culmer, Past President Jackie Gibson and One Eleuthera President Sean Ingraham.

This is the 13th Family Island Branch. These Branches are responsible for: Cancer Care, Cancer Education, coordinating annual mammogram screening, arranging cancer patients accommodation at the Cancer Caring Centre and otherwise assistance.

The Harbour Island Branch Officers are: President Elouise Saunders-Knowles; Vice President Elaine Aranha; Secretary Cassandra Moss; Treasurer Minnette Kelly; Public Relations Nora Albury and Harvey Roberts; Chaplin Michael Higgs.

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